This project asks how and why the archives of environmentally remediated uranium mining and contaminated sites are managed over immediate, intermediate, and possibly even far-future (e.g. 10,000 or more years) timeframes. It does so by engaging STEM-based collaborators from Environmental Engineering with both knowledge and practical experience of the legal and regulatory landscape for archiving records, knowledges and memory (RK&M) relating to uranium extraction, as well as its contamination, remediation and waste management in the Australian and international contexts.︎

Principal investigator: N.A.J. Taylor︎ 
Co-investigators: Chu Xia Lin (Deakin), David Lowe (Deakin), Emily Potter (Deakin), Paul Brown (UNSW) and Gavin Mudd (RMIT)
Sponsor: Deakin University’s Science and Society Network︎
Funding: $3,000 (internal)

Key output: a literature review for an Australia Reearch Council grant proposal