Chernobyl Project
On hold

We attempt to write—using words and images—the personal narrative of a man who served as a “liquidator”, or conscripted cleaner, in the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. By focusing exclusively on one man’s experience and legacy of Chernobyl, we take a highly contextual approach, whose archive is not the secondary literature, but family history and vernacular photography. Decontextualised studies of nuclear events often deem their very subject of study “unthinkable”, yet by giving voice to a victim of Chernobyl through familial connection, we situate Soviet nuclear colonialism as future cultural heritage. Reimagining Chernobyl therefore performs a narrative nuclear history that connects a familial past with a universal future.

Principal investigators: Anonymous and N.A.J. Taylor︎

This proposed project was to ask: What would a nuclear weapon-free world look like? And, by extension, feel like? Many have advocated a nuclear weapon-free world, but few have envisioned it as daily life. This project is to be completed in memory of L.H.M. Ling.︎ 

Principal investigators: N.A.J. Taylor︎, L.H.M. Ling (The New School)︎, and Ebrahim Sharifi (The New School) 
Institutional partner: The New School’s Centre for Creativity and Social Change︎