A regional dialogue in Athens on the proposal to establish a Middle East zone free of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction as well as their means of delivery. In preparation since April 2010, the dialogue was the product of extensive consultation with key stakeholders in the Middle East as well as outside the region.︎

Principal investigators: N.A.J. Taylor︎, Joseph A. Camilleri (La Trobe University)︎, and Michael Hamel-Green (Victoria University)︎
Institutional partners: European Public Law Organisation︎ and La Trobe University’s Centre for Dialogue︎
Sponsors: United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office, La Trobe University, and The University of Queensland 
Funding: $125,000 (external) + $25,000 (internal + in kind)
Key output: three days of Track Three Dialogue and an associated book translated into Farsi, Hebrew and Arabic︎